Top 10 Tuesday: Photography YouTube Channels

I’ve decided to start a Top 10 Tuesday section on the blog. I’m a big fan of top 10 articles, because, well why not? They can be super informative and helpful when making decisions. So for this first installment, I thought why not cover my favorite photography centered YouTube channels?ย 

YouTube is an amazing platform with a wideย variety of video topics. I’m talking anything from funny cat videos to inspirational TED talks… and most importantly photography tutorials. You can find anything from the basics like how to use a camera to advanced editing tutorials. Without further ado, these are (in my own personal opinion, which let’s face it, nobody really cares about but I will give it to you anyway) the top 10 photography YouTube channels you should subscribe to.


I’m not sure where the word “phlearn” comes from, but I assume it’s a play on the words “photography,” “photoshop,” and “learn.” Now you may be asking, “why do you think that, Jackie?” Well, because all of the videos on their YouTube channel are dedicated to photography and photoshop tutorials. I have learned some fantastic techniques from this channel, which is why I have listed it as number 1. The rest are in no particular order.

2. PiXimperfect

PiXimperfect is a great channel because they focus on translating the entire concept to you, rather than just learning the steps. In their own words, once you have mastered the approach, the steps will come naturally. I could not agree more. I have followed numerous tutorials where I have to go back and consult them endlessly just to create the look I wanted on different images. By prioritizing the concept as a whole, you can translate these skills across all of your work without having to constantly consult tutorials.

3. Justin Odisho

Justin’s YouTube channel contains an abundance of helpful tutorials covering a variety of Adobe software. From videography to photography and simple effects to super cool special effects, Justin covers it all.

4. SLR Lounge

My favorite videos by SLR Lounge are the camera gear reviews. Camera equipment can be crazy expensive, so anytime you make an investment in it, it’s good to do your research. These reviews have helped me finally decide on the camera I want to eventually upgrade to and they’ve also helped me talk myself out of unnecessary expensive purchases too. You don’t need all the top of the line equipment to be a successful photographer these days!

5. B&H Photo

Not only is B&H my favorite store, but they also have a FANTASTIC YouTube channel. From lectures by professionals to product tutorials, you can learn it all!

6. Fstoppers

From business tips to industry reviews, Fstoppers is a great community for not only photographers but other creatives.

7. Photofocus

Photofocus is a neat channel because they collect content from the most successful photographers as well as offer typical reviews of gear and products. You can never hear too many reviews on products like photography gear.

8. The Camera Store TV

Not only does this channel offer hands-on videos and reviews, but they show you what it’s like using each camera in the real world. Tutorials and reviews are great valuable content, but showing the audience what using the camera in a real-life scenario is like is even better!

9. Thomas Heaton

Let’s face it, being a travel photographer is the dream. Traveling to exotic places and capturing stunning images of far off lands most people only dream of visiting. Unfortunately, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Thomas Heaton gets real on his YouTube channel, and while he shares his epic landscape photography, he also shares the ugly truth about landscape photography. Because we all know the highlight reel isn’t the only aspect.

10. Mike Brown

Having been in the photography business since 1993 with several awards under his belt, Mike Brown is here to help you bring your photography to the next level. Not only does he post super helpful videos covering anything from the composition of the photo to settings for different types of weather. Not to mention, he encourages engagement with each other, so if you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments section on his videos!

Well, there you have it. These are my top 10 go to photography YouTube channels!

What are your favorite channels? Share them in the comments below, I’d love to check out some new ones!

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