The Best Places to Shop When You’re Short AF

I’m short. I know I am short. Yet people always find it important to point it out to me. Like I’ve been living 24 years thinking I’m 6 feet tall. Anyways, I used to hate hate HATE being short. I distinctly remember crying when I was about 13 years old when the doctor told me I probably wouldn’t grow much taller than 5’1”. (Fast forward 11 years, I haven’t grown an inch.) While I have come to accept the fact that I will forever be fun sized, yes that is an actual nickname people call me, it can still be frustrating when I’m trying to shop. *Heads to the kid’s section*

1. Abercrombie + Fitch

Abercrombie + Fitch is my go to store. From jeans to tops and dresses and even jackets, I can find anything here. And I mean anything. I have gotten some of my favorite pieces (super on sale) from A+F.


2. Nordstrom

Sure, most of the time I still have to shop in the juniors section, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I can still find some super cute items here. From Rubbish (no, not garbage, Rubbish is the name of the brand) to Brass Plum and if I’m lucky Top Shop, there are plenty of choices for even the tiniest of people.

3. American Eagle

So I have gotten my jeans from American Eagle for as long as I can remember. I think it’s been like ten years or something now. To be honest, I haven’t had as much luck with tops here as I have in the past, which is why my go-to is now Abercrombie + FitchStill, I get my jeans here because it’s easy. I know my size and fit (yes you guessed it, that would be “short”). I can easily order online and get a few pairs in a few days. Easy as pie.


Ok, to be honest, this was supposed to be another top 10 Tuesday post, but I realized I don’t buy clothes from that many stores… mostly because I’m so short and small it’s hard to find things that I both like and fit me. I did recently sign up for Stitch Fix (as in like three days ago) so I’m hoping that will help me branch out from the five tops I have on rotation that may or may not all be different shades of gray… Here’s hoping this works out! I’ll write up a post about my first delivery this coming week as it’s scheduled for the 10th! Stay tuned!

What are your favorite clothing stores? Share them in the comments below!

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