The Lip Care Routine I Swear By

About three weeks ago my lips were brutally chapped. Like I didn’t even want to kiss my boyfriend chapped. I was constantly applying different chapsticks but seeing no results. In fact, the more I applied, the worse my lips were. Talk about a vicious cycle. It got the point where if I opened my mouth too wide, like wide enough to put a spoonful of food in mouth, the corners would crack.

I finally decided to do some research to see what I could be doing differently. I came across an article where a woman described exactly what I was dealing with. After falling into the same vicious cycle, she decided to consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist advised her to apply Vaseline at night before bed and in the morning when she woke up, and then to use Aquaphor Healing Ointment throughout the day when needed.

I decided to try this routine out myself and I kid you not, I noticed results after one night of using Vaseline. Now my chapped lips did’t disappear overnight, but they certainly felt a lot better. I went from barely being able to open my lips without them cracking, to actually being able to eat a spoonful of yogurt without cringing in pain.

Fast forward a week or so later and my lips have never felt better. All I can say is THANK GOD I found this routine before the worst of the cold weather.


I will never use anything else on my lips again.

Bonus tip!

I first used this Anderson Lilly hand cream a few years ago when I received it in a FabFitFun box. I fell in love! The scent is subtle but wonderful and it leaves your hands feeling soft without the oily feel that many hand creams leave you with. I don’t know about you, but I HATE that feeling. I want my hands to be soft and moisturized but I also want to be able to pick something up after without it falling through my fingers. This cream gave me just that.

*This is not a sponsored post, I really just love these products.

What are your favorite skincare products? I’d love some new recs!

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