2019: My Year in Review

Well, it’s been quite a year. I started my blog, hit my ten-year anorexia recovery anniversary, shot behind the scenes of a movie, shot my first engagement shoot, released my first calendar featuring my photography of New England, and much more!

While this year was full of some great milestones (and lots of firsts!), it didn’t come without some setbacks. A few months ago, I went to log onto Facebook and Instagram and had lost my accounts! I still have no clue what happened. While this really isn’t that big of a deal in the scheme of things, it was still frustrating as I had started to develop a bit of a community surrounding my blog and photography. Oh well. Let’s focus on the positive. That’s also a New Year’s resolution of mine. I need to be more positive, but that’s a whole other post. It’s funny when I started this post, I really didn’t think I had that much to write about, but I slowly realized I accomplished a lot!

The blog

I started this blog last January, and while I may have fallen off a bit toward the end here (I used to post weekly), I am getting back into the groove of things here! This blog has evolved quite a bit in a year, and I am thrilled with where it’s at now. I finally achieved a layout and brand that I am happy with. And yes, it was a cuppacoffee.

Ten-year anniversary

May of 2019 marks ten years since I was released from my hospital stay for anorexia. (For those of you that may have missed my post from earlier this year, you can read about my story here.) This time in 2009 marked the turning point in my struggle where I finally transitioned toward recovery.

Behind the scenes- “Untitled Project.”

I had the privilege of working with some incredibly talented individuals on set in Duxbury, MA, over the summer, including reuniting with Andrea Sweeney-Blanco (watch out for this one on the big screens.) This was one of the best photography experiences of my year (and possibly life at this point.) Man, did I miss set life. Also, shout out to Matt and Josh for laughing at all of my lame jokes. Much appreciated.

Engagement shoot

Wedding bells are in the air! I shot my first engagement shoot this summer, and I had SO much fun! Who knew bossing people around could be so fulfilling… ha. But seriously, being a photographer means you have to be comfortable giving direction, and it certainly is fulfilling when you achieve your vision.

2020 Calendar

This was quite a time-consuming project, but man was it worth it. I decided a bit late in the year (as in October/November) to create a calendar for 2020. I cut it a bit close with my timing, but that was half the thrill of it! Not really, it was actually quite stressful. BUT, the result was an amazing calendar, if I do say so myself, that I am SO proud of. That week of late-night editing was worth it, that’s for sure.

I printed the calendar with Smartpress, thank you, Katie Kelley, for the recommendation! I would absolutely recommend this company and will be using them for next year’s calendar as well.

wHAT was your favorite part of 2019?

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